Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Precisely Terminated Book Trailer

Hi, this is Amanda L. Davis. I'm Bryan Davis's daughter and the author of Precisely Terminated, and this is my first post here. As you've probably noticed. ;)

I really hope those of you who are reading this blog are finding it interesting and enjoyable and will direct your friends to read it as well, especially once my dad and I start traveling.

Below is a book trailer for Precisely Terminated that my publisher put together for me. Isn't it cool?

I hope it encourages you to read the book!

New Events Added in Wisconsin and Florida

The tour keeps growing!

October 20, 2011 – 9 am to 3 pm
Homeschool Group Writing Seminar
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
2040 Airport Dr
Green Bay, WI

November 2, 2011 – 4 pm
Author's Journey Talk
Gulf Coast Christian School
6355 38th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL

Friday, August 26, 2011

Events Added in Missouri, New York, and Virginia

Check out the tour map on the left sidebar to see the locations of these new events:

October 12, 2011 (Time to be Determined)
New Covenant Academy
3304 S. Cox Rd.
Springfield, Missouri 65807

November 14, 2011 – 8:45 am to 2:30 pm
Loudonville Christian School
374 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211

November 17, 2011 – 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Eastern Shore Homeschoolers
Atlantic Baptist Church
10084 Atlantic Rd
Atlantic, VA 23303

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Events in Michigan

We added two more schools in Grand Rapids today. I hope all Michigan residents can come and see us.

Check out the map. It's really filling up.

View Davis Crossing Tour Schedule in a larger map

Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Be Shy. Come Out and See Us!

I hope most of you who are following this blog will be able to come to one of the events. All of the bookstore events are open to the public, as are the homeschool group events. With the school events, every school I have visited has allowed for people to come even if they aren't associated with the school. Just call the school in advance and ask if you can come. Many people have done that.

If you're planning to come to an event, post a comment here to let me know which one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Looks on the Road

Check out the car magnet we will be putting on each side of the tour mobile during the many miles of driving. Do you think we'll get noticed?

People with smart phones can scan the QR code and go to the website to see where we will be in their area.

Privacy problems? Maybe. But the whole point is to get people to the events. Don't worry. I won't post where we will be staying at night. :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tour Schedule Openings

We still have openings in the schedule, especially in the east. Here are the areas we are looking to fill:

Sacramento, CA, area - September 22 morning

Seattle, WA area - September 28 and 29

Denver or Colorado Springs, CO - October 7

Florida - October 31, November 2

North Carolina, Virginia - November 10 and 11

Northeast U.S. - November 17

Please let me know if you have a school or other group that would like for us to come and speak.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support the Tour

There are several ways you can support the Davis Crossing Tour.

1. Come to one of the events. Whether or not you buy a book isn't important. We just want to see you there. Bring books you already own, and we'll sign them. Bring your questions about writing, publishing, being an author, etc, and we'll sit and chat a while.

2. Tell others about the tour. If you are part of a social media site like Facebook, post a link to this blog there. Send a message to your friends. I would love to see a thousand followers here. Send an email to everyone in your contact list. Look at the tour map and tell friends you know near the tour stops to come out and see us. When we stream an event live to the Internet, join us, and let others know about it. Thank you for doing all you can to make this tour a success.

3. Pray for us. We will be driving about ten thousand miles. Pray for safety, for no mechanical troubles, for our health, for our endurance, for many opportunities to serve and minister to others, and for anything else you can think of.

4. Support us financially. This is the one and only time I will mention this on the blog. There is a button on the left sidebar that allows you to support us financially. We speak without charging any fees, so we step out in faith for God to provide. We do sell books, but sales proceeds are not likely to cover the several thousand dollars it will take to complete this tour. So if God moves you to support us, we will be grateful, even if it's just a dollar. Every little bit helps. (Gifts are not tax deductible.)

If you have any ideas about how to make the tour successful, please let me know.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Davis Crossing Tour Contest

Grand Prize – Your choice of a basic Kindle or Nook

Many prizes to be won along the way, including books, posters, and audio books.

How to win: At the end of the tour, we will do a drawing from a pool of entrants. You will be able to increase your chances of winning by making sure your name is in the pool as many times as possible.

Timing: The contest will take place while the tour is going on - September 14 through November 30.

You will be entered once automatically just by becoming a follower of this blog. When you become a follower, we will put your name in the pool. If you don’t want to reveal your real name, use a code name. Everyone who becomes a follower on the blog needs to email me -- author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com -- to let me know you have done so along with the name you used to become a follower.

Feel free to become a follower now and enter the contest.

If you get someone else to follow the blog, make sure that person tells me that you referred him or her, and you will get two additional pool entries. That person also needs to email me -- author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com -- to get into the contest. If the person you referred refuses to say you referred him or her, we won’t be able to give you the extra entries. There is no limit to the number of followers you can refer, and each follower will be entered into the grand prize drawing. An additional bonus - You will get an additional three pool entries for every five referrals you get.

Anyone who buys a featured book from my website during the tour period will get his or her name entered three additional times for each book purchased. Just email me -- author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com – to let me know you did so. The featured books for the tour contest will be - Precisely Terminated, Diviner, and Third Starlighter.

Anyone who buys a featured book from somewhere else besides my website during the tour period will get his or her name entered three additional times for each book purchased. Just email me -- author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com – a photo or scan of the receipt to let me know you did so.

Anyone who comes to one of the tour bookstores will get his or her name entered five additional times plus three additional times for each book purchased at the store.

After each tour stop, we will post photos and videos on the blog from the event, and we will ask a question or series of questions about something in the photos or videos. If you email the correct answer -- author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com – you will get your name in the pool an additional time.

Each of these questions will be active only 48 hours, so be sure to keep up with the tour. All correct answerers for each question will be put into a drawing for a smaller prize that will be awarded at the end of the 48-hour period, and each prize will be announced when the question is posted.

In each video, we will also mention a code word that will be part of an encrypted message. You will need to collect all the code words and break the code, unscramble it, produce the meaning, and email the answer. Anyone who gets the decrypted message correct will get ten more entries in the grand prize pool.

This code-breaking algorithm is as follows:

The last letter in the first three-syllable word is the first letter in the decrypted message. The second to last letter in the next three-syllable word is the second letter in the decrypted message, and so on. When you reach the beginning letter of a word, start again with the last letter of the next three-syllable word.

For example, if the first three-syllable word is Royalty, the first letter in the decrypted message is Y. If the next three-syllable word is pollution, the second letter in the decrypted message is O.

Once you get all the letters, you will have to unscramble them to produce a three-word phrase that relates to one of my books. That is the phrase you will email to me.

Warning – Posting any answer on the blog as a comment will result in disqualification.

I am posting this early in order to see what questions might arise. Feel free to ask them so I can clarify the rules before the contest begins.

The Davis Crossing Tour is Coming

Beginning in mid-September, Bryan Davis and Amanda L. Davis will embark on a nationwide promotional tour for our books. We are calling it the Davis Crossing Tour. On this blog and on Facebook, we will provide an ongoing chronicle of our activities, including videos and photos from the events.

If you want us to come to your group and speak, please email me author (at) daviscrossing (dot) com. We charge no fee, but we ask for an opportunity to sell books.

Here is a Google map showing the schedule so far. I will be adding many more events.

View Davis Crossing Tour Schedule in a larger map