Sunday, September 30, 2012

Announcement for October 1 Event

Big announcement for our event in Puyallup, Washington, Monday from 5 pm to 7 pm, Pacific Time. Darren Thomas, producer of our potential film for Raising Dragons, will be joining us via Skype. He will be providing an update regarding progress on getting a film made. Join us at the event or through the Internet.

Here is a link to the live streaming -

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tour Day 23 9-27-12

Today we got up pretty early, 5:45ish am, and struck out for the mountains in Banff. We hiked to one side of Lake Louise and back. Switch-backing got us higher up the trail in the car until we got to Lake Moraine and hiked the bear trail!

Here we were joined by a young Frenchman. The sign by the trail stated that you must be in a group of four people or more by law, with risk of appearance in court and a maximum fine of $5000 if caught violating. Because of this, Antoine hiked along with us, which was very nice.

We learned quite a bit about France and their pronunciation (some were very funny) of things. He kindly took some pictures for us and we took a few on his camera for him.

 BUNNIES! We saw quite a few domestic looking bunnies, no cottontails, although the two brown ones look like a crossbreed.

 Mom at the Lake Louise sign.

 On the path to Lake Louise.

 Here we are!

 We hiked to the end of the lake and I found this awesome rock path up more than 100 feet and climbed it. People followed. ^-^

My editing hasn't been cooperating lately, but that's Amanda and me climbing rocks.

 Amanda, Mom, and me. We were at the summit of the rock trail, but of course, I had to climb higher.

Amanda, Dad, and me.

 Me sitting on a rock protrusion.

CHIPMUNK! It must be Alvin; no glasses and it's little.

 I climbed down a pathless rock pile to the beach and skipped rocks until the others followed me down.

 Amanda skipping rocks.

 Mom at Lake Moraine.

 Antoine took this one for us on the bear trail.

Once we got to Lake Consolation it had a terribly rocky shore, probably due to a rock slide, but it was awesome.

 Mom and Amanda rock walking

 Antoine took a picture at Lake Consolation for us. :)

 Challenging place to get to. Antoine and I made it. Dad got wet trying.

 A picture of me on the rock.

 Getting back to the group by stepping onto slippery rocks underneath icy water

 I spotted three Common Poorwills on the trail back and we grabbed a few pictures.

 There was a river on the trail, from Lake Consolation.

 And since there was a tree over the river, I had to sit on it.

 Mom and Dad

 Lady being cutesy at the bear sign

 Dad, Antoine, and Amanda back at the car. We gave him a Masters and Slayers and a Precisely Terminated.

British Columbia sign.

So that was today. Well....Yesterday now. Hope you all like the pictures!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tour Days 20, 21, and 22 Dates - 9/24, 9/25, and 9/26

Wow, okay. So I didn't update on the twenty-fourth because:

We sat in our hotel room in Steinbach until check out time (besides when we were packing) and then in the lobby until our event started in the conference room. We set up around noon and the first group (First to sixth graders) came in about an hour after to two o'clock. Dad and Amanda talked to them and then seventh graders and up from about 2:30 to 5:10 pm. After that one of the families kindly hosted us for dinner. I mean...fed us dinner. We drove back to the hotel and Dad and Amanda talked to the parents from 7 to about 8:30. We packed up with the help of our hosting family and took off to Calgary. We drove from 9 pm to 11:16 am. Fun times!

I didn't update on the twenty-fifth because:
We all slept in the car, Dad not so much because he was driving, so that's good. Mom took a turn and we stopped in a parking lot once. Everyone napped there except me. I read a book. We got to our hotel early and waited for a half hour for our room to be ready. After that we went to Blessings Christian Marketplace and did a signing from 3 to 6 pm. Dale Anderson (from our AMG Publishers) stuck around with us since he was in Calgary at the time and took us out to dinner. :) When we got back to our hotel the internet wouldn't connect with my laptop, so I used Dad's. Of course I ran into problems here too. I couldn't find the camera for pictures, so I decided not to update.

I updated today!:
We had a short drive to the Holy Name Church in Calgary for a home school group writers workshop. Dad spoke pretty much from 1 to 5 pm, with a couple short breaks. We packed up again and an hour's drive got us to Canmore (close to Banff). We got dinner and chilled in our hotel room until bedtime, which was short in coming.

September 24:
 Group two.
Group one.

September 25:

 Mom, Amanda, and me at the Saskatchewan sign
 Mom, Dad, and me
 Mom and me at the Alberta sign
 Dad, Amanda and me

 Christopher and Allan Miller

 Scott Appleton and Wayne Thomas Batson
 Jenny Cote
 Davis Bunn

Brock Eastman and a glimpse of Steven James (For some reason this picture wouldn't cooperate and flip. I tried over and over to edit it, but it wouldn't work, sorry!)

 At the book store in Calgary one fan with Dad

Another fan with Amanda

September 26:
 Home school group in Calgary

 I grabbed a shot from approximately 20 feet up a tree and thought it turned out pretty well. ^^

Two of the younger kids (12 and 8) saw me climbing trees and were encouraged to. (Abby and Sheldon, I believe, and their mother was close by, watching, so all was well and good)

 In case you can't tell it says: Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream

 I couldn't get a really nice picture of this, but it was one of the Rocky Mountains reflected in a lake.

It's a Rocky Mountain!

And that's it for three days! Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tour Day 19 9-23-12

Today we slept in! Yay!

We reorganized the van again and drove four hours from International Falls, Minnesota to Steinbach, Manitoba.

At our hotel there was an awesome pool with a water slide. We got our load of books and repacked them, then went to a family's house. They fed us dinner, which was awesome. After that we talked for a bit, then I went outside and played around with the people who weren't busy; Josiah, Chloe, and Kaitlyn.

Dad signed Tracey's books and we headed back to our hotel where Mom finished inventory and we had devotions and everyone but me went to bed. Here are some pictures. Not many, but we didn't have a busy day.

 Merely one of the results of four-hour boredom. It wasn't a long trip, but for some reason I got bored more quickly than normal. By the way, that's my earphone cords braided.

 My awesome shoes and my awesome socks. :D

 Cow, cow, horsey, horsey, cow cow, cow.

 We passed a few fields where there were these big piles of rocks in random places with no apparent reason for them, so I took a picture.

Our dinner host family with Mom, Dad, and Amanda

Family with Mom, Dad, and me.

Dad signing books.

Okay, goodnight.