Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support the Tour

There are several ways you can support the Davis Crossing Tour.

1. Come to one of the events. Whether or not you buy a book isn't important. We just want to see you there. Bring books you already own, and we'll sign them. Bring your questions about writing, publishing, being an author, etc, and we'll sit and chat a while.

2. Tell others about the tour. If you are part of a social media site like Facebook, post a link to this blog there. Send a message to your friends. I would love to see a thousand followers here. Send an email to everyone in your contact list. Look at the tour map and tell friends you know near the tour stops to come out and see us. When we stream an event live to the Internet, join us, and let others know about it. Thank you for doing all you can to make this tour a success.

3. Pray for us. We will be driving about ten thousand miles. Pray for safety, for no mechanical troubles, for our health, for our endurance, for many opportunities to serve and minister to others, and for anything else you can think of.

4. Support us financially. This is the one and only time I will mention this on the blog. There is a button on the left sidebar that allows you to support us financially. We speak without charging any fees, so we step out in faith for God to provide. We do sell books, but sales proceeds are not likely to cover the several thousand dollars it will take to complete this tour. So if God moves you to support us, we will be grateful, even if it's just a dollar. Every little bit helps. (Gifts are not tax deductible.)

If you have any ideas about how to make the tour successful, please let me know.

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