Saturday, December 3, 2011

Final Thoughts on the Tour

Now that the Davis Crossing Tour is over, we have had some time to reflect on it, both the blessings and the difficulties. Promotional tours are always exhausting, and scheduling them is nightmarish. Still, the benefits outweigh the problems, so we will likely continue touring, though perhaps not with a tour as long as this one.

Those of you who have followed the blog have heard about the difficulties, from car troubles to bad weather to endless hours and miles of driving. Sometimes disappointment knocks on the door when we work hard all day and sell only a few books. Of course, we hope to promote our books and sell as many as possible, because we want to further God's kingdom by spreading stories that draw readers closer to Him, so after driving hundreds of miles and speaking for hours produces only a few sales, we might be tempted to wonder if our efforts were worthwhile. That's when we have to remind ourselves that even a few seeds can reproduce into thousands, and even if one soul is blessed by our words, the eternal consequences far outweigh a day of toil.

Some days were overwhelmingly fruitful with many testimonies and many sales. We received huge blessings from families who traveled long distances to come and see us. Several reported traveling two, three, even four hours to come to an event. Amazing! Such love for our work and testimony is so encouraging!

We have never taken for granted the enormous blessing it is to be an author. The idea that people actually want to read what we write is a daily encourager, and the thought that our words might have a profound effect on the hearts and minds of so many readers to the point of altering their spiritual lives in eternal ways is nearly overwhelming. We hope you will pray with us that God will continue to use us powerfully as we continue trying to live up to this magnificent privilege and responsibility.

Thank you for following our tour. If you will continue to support us by telling others about our books, we will be grateful. May God bless you all as you seek to serve Him.

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  1. Wow! That's truly amazing the amount and work and dedication you put into this tour! I can imagine how awe-inspiring and exhausting it must've been to do a cross-country tour like that. It was definitely great to finally be able to meet both you and Amanda in Florida! Your ultimate roadtrip sounds like an adventure in itself! :)

  2. I have to agree with R.M., I felt honored to meet you both. Perhaps, someday, you can come to our signings.

    Thank you for the insights to your work, and for the dedication to writing and to God.

    Both are inspirational.