Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall 2012 Tour Begins Soon

We are gearing up for a new tour! This year's version begins September 6, 2012. We will leave home on September 5 and travel to Danville, Kentucky for our first event. Then we will cruise through Ohio for events in Cincinnati and Columbus, then to Grand Rapids, Michigan, before heading into Canada.

We will stay the next two weeks in Ontario for several events, including author talks, writing workshops, and bookstore signings, then take a long trek to central Canada on our way to the western part of the country. We will have events in Steinbach, Manitoba; Calgary, Alberta; and Abbotsford, British Columbia. From there, we will come back to the U.S. for engagements in the Seattle area.

After that? We don't know yet. We hope to schedule more events between Seattle and home (western Tennessee), so if you have a school or homeschool group that would like a visit, and you are located somewhere between Seattle and western Tennessee, and you would like us to come in early October, let me know by email - bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com. I also have some openings for Ontario in mid September.

This time Amanda and I will be traveling with my wife Susie and our youngest daughter, Hannah. Hannah will be in charge of updating this blog, including posting photos and video clips. She will also attempt to live stream events where Internet access is available, so watch for announcements for live-streamed events.

As with the previous tour, we hope to have a contest, so be sure to check for the latest tour updates.

One more item: Because of high gas prices, this will be an expensive tour. We don't have as many events scheduled as usual, so it will be very difficult to sell enough books to meet expenses. I won't mention this again on this blog, but if you would like to make a contribution toward our expenses, I would appreciate it greatly. Please see the donation link on the left side of the blog page.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments.


  1. I can't wait till you get to Seattle!!!! I'm super excited!!!!!!!

  2. Sweet! I really enjoyed following you guys on your last tour. Can't wait till the contests

  3. It was not listed above But Ontario, Canada is excited to meet you to!!!

  4. I listed Ontario - "We will stay the next two weeks in Ontario for several events." :-)

    We are very excited about coming to Ontario!!!

  5. I wish you would come to Georgia again soon. I didn't get to go last time. :(
    Oh, and I just wanted to say that you're by far my favorite author. Thank you for writing such great books.


  6. Melody,

    You're welcome. And thank you for being a faithful reader. I hope we can come back to Georgia soon.

    Bryan Davis