Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tour Day 38 10/20/11

Hello! We're currently in Florida, but I'm working on trying to catch up on these back posts. :)

For day 38, we were in Wisconsin.

We started out at a hotel where someone had set up an event for us to do a writing workshop. This hotel was connected to a casino, so you could sort of say we've spoken in a casino now, hehe. We were actually speaking in the meeting room next to it.

When we arrived, the hostess told us my dad would be giving a 3 hour writing class to the older kids 13 and up, and I would be giving a 3 hour writing class to 7 - 12 year olds.

My reaction was sort of like this: " . . . O.o . . . Okay." I had never given one of these writing workshops before, least of all to 7 - 12 year olds. We normally don't give the lessons to anyone younger than 11 because the concepts are complex, but I did it.

I taught those kids, and I hope they learned some things and enjoyed it. So that was my first time and probably not the last.

After that event we went to the Lighthouse book store and had a signing.

Once the signing was done we went over to a church where we had a pizza party. This bookstore and the patrons were awarded a party from us because they sold and purchased more copies of Song of the Ovulum during an event than any other store, so they got a party. :)

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  1. I really-really!-wish i could've gone :P. plus my sister didn't even win her volleyball game that night :P d: even worse. Oh well