Friday, November 18, 2011

Tour Day 64 - 11/16/11

Not sure what happened to 11/15/11 there, but apparently I didn't get pictures.

On the 16th, we spoke to a class at a school in NJ.

Before we went in. I saw a squirrel. ^^

I tried to get a picture, but they're too quick for the phone camera.

It's fun to see squirrels for me because we don't see them often. Y'all probably think that's silly, but we don't see them where we are because people hunt and eat them. In the four years we've lived in TN, I've seen 2 squirrels in our yard. One which was being terrorized by the cats.

We spoke to almost the whole school, I think, though I don't think the youngest kids were there.

Then we drove through Delaware

And into Virginia where we stayed for the night.

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  1. You should move to Colorado! I see squirrels all the time in the summer!