Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tour Day 1 - 9-5-12

And we're off!

 We got off to a late start - not leaving home until about 11AM, but since we had only a seven hour drive ahead of us, so we weren't too worried.

It was a nice and easy trip and we had no events scheduled.

My mom worked on an editing job and Hannah did some school work and reading.

And just chillin.

Hannah took a turn driving, too, and my dad did the rest.

 And as for me? I wrote. And wrote.  And then I slept.  And wrote some more. Unfortunately, my laptop went haywire after I wrote 1,200 words, otherwise I would have updated this blog last night.    But after hours of agonizing over the laptop and stumping the Geek Squad at Best Buy with my problems, I was finally able to get it working again with a lot of prayer and help from google searching.

More updates in a little while about Tour Day 2!

Miles Drive Day 1 - 372


  1. I've had experience with God answering my computer prayers with google! :) Make sure your puter is getting plenty of air or it can overheat. Often they overheat on laps even though they are called laptops. :0 ...just passing on advice from one traveler to another.
    Happy trails and Joyful writing!

  2. Would there be any chance that you guys could tell me what book Mrs.Davis was editing? Is it a "known" book, or a "secret" book?

  3. It's not a known book. She is editing an aspiring writer's manuscript.

  4. I think that's mine! :D (By the way, I'm not the same 'anonymous' as the person above.)