Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another 48 Hour Contest!

We have another contest for you!

And it's the same as a previous one, but you get a new chance to win a prize. :)

Guess our current mileage. How far have we driven?

Same rules apply as last time. You can post your guess here in the comments for this post. This contest is available for 48 hours. Guesses after 10/28/11 at 3PM will not be counted, even if you post them.

Whoever guesses the mileage closest to what we've really driven will win a prize.

What prize, you say?

A copy of The Bones of Makaidos.

This copy of 'Bones' is a little bit damaged, which is why we're giving it away and not selling it. ;) It has a dented corner and a small tear on the binding, nothing horrific. If you do not want this prize, just don't give a guess for the mileage! :)

Remember, you can give it away to friends or to the library, if they're missing it from their collection.