Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tour Day 35 - 10-17-11

Day 35 was mostly spent driving to Indiana.

To reach Indiana from where we live in TN, we had to go through Kentucky (unless we wanted to go /around/ it, but that wouldn't make any sense. :) )

Nifty bridge

And finally, after many hours, Indiana

Once we reached Indiana we had a book talk in probably our most unusual location yet--a pediatric surgeon's building. We spoke in the waiting room (it was after hours).

And they had snacks

And a whole herd of cupcake dragons.

Would a group of dragons be called a herd? Or perhaps a flock.

I spoke first

And then my dad spoke

The surgeon who owns the place was gracious enough to let us stay at his house. :) All in all, a good day. The crowd was attentive and asked us questions. We like that.


  1. I think a group of dragons would be called a herd. But since there aren't/weren't many dragons, and they didn't get in big groups very often, they might not be called anything at all except for dragons.

  2. LOL, my family and I were just discussing the dragon question earlier today. I think it's a watch, a flight, or a herd of dragons. My sister things it's a herd or a flock, and my mom thinks it's a gaggle.

  3. I would think a flight of dragons

  4. I would think they would be called a hmmmm... thats a tough one.... a herd or flock does sound good.... Maybe a Herdflock?? Lol! idk XD

  5. I agree with AnthrozilBoy. ;)