Friday, October 7, 2011

Tour Day Twenty- One - 10/3/11

Messed up again and didn't take pictures on October 2nd, day twenty!

On day twenty we drove from Seattle to Spokane. Nice drive. :) When we arrived in Spokane we spoke at a church and had a very attentive crowd. We weren't speaking /to/ the church, just a group that came to hear us speak.

On day twenty-one, we spoke at Nine Mile Falls Middle school twice. The kids were really attentive and asked us lots of questions.

During out stay in Spokane we stayed with a gracious family who let us stay in their house two nights. :)

Afterward we had a talk at a homeschool group called 'Homeworks!' in Cheney, WA, before we headed to a book signing at a Lifeway. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Precisely Terminateds there, and they didn't even have it in the system! So sad. =(

Since then, my publisher has straightened it out and Lifeway has it in their system now. :)

The book signing went well after that and I got to see a friend of mine, but I forgot to take a picture! =( Sorry Nikki.

Once that was finished we were taken out to dinner by some other friends of ours and had a great time catching up with them.

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