Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tour Day 19 - October 1

I didn't take any pictures on day 18 (September 30) so I won't do a special post for it, but I will mention it here. Just like I did in the last sentence. ;)

On tour day 18 we went to Abbotsford Christian school and spoke there a few times. They were very receptive and the kids asked lots of questions.

After that we met a fan at a Starbucks to talk for a while before heading to The House of James for a dinner they prepared for a bunch of local authors. Which was nice and tasty. The dinner. Not the authors.


Day 19

We had two book signings . The first was at the House of James in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They had a breakfast prepared for us and lots of people showed up!

They had ordered 25 copies of Precisely Terminated and had 24 when I arrived, and we sold them all! Wow! Thanks everyone who showed up!

My dad signed a lot, too. ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures there, either (what's wrong with me?), but almost the entire video is set there. You'll see it if youtube will ever let it upload.

After House of James we hurried over to Blessings book store in Langley, BC.

Because of some messed up communication, they didn't have Precisely Terminated, but my dad's signing went pretty well. And they gave me a book, so that was nice. :) They also ordered Precisely Terminated and are now displaying it prominently, so that more than makes up for that.

And once that signing was finished we headed over to a fan's house where they provided us with dinner.

Then we zoomed through customs and reentered Washington!

They have a welcome sign from BC. Maybe they welcome Canadians and not Oregon...ians?

But it was dark and the sign reflective, so I couldn't get a good picture. Here's my effort.

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