Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tour Day Twenty - Four - 10-6-11

Day twenty-four was our first day in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

We had only two school talks our first day, but it was fun.

First we spoke to an assembly at the Colorado Springs Christian school.

We headed to a church to speak to a homeschool group outside of the Springs right after the talk at the school.

We arrived at the church a half hour early or so and waited in the car for the event coordinator to arrive. While in the car, the winds were gusting at about 70MPH. It shook the van something fierce. :)

We had to get our van looked at after the church. Remember we had to refill the coolant tank? It drained again, clearly it had a leak, so we took it in to the local dodge place and had to get a part replaced. Unfortunately, it was not a cheap repair. It cost quite a lot, actually.

Fortunately, we met some people at the repair place. They were getting their oil changed, and I talked to them for a bit and they ended up buying a copy of PT. :)

After the van repair, I scuttled back to a Panera to see some of my friends, and then we returned to our host family's house and hung out with them for awhile.

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