Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tour Day Twenty-Two - 10/4/11

Day twenty-two.

Five more days of catch up to do. :)

I'm trying to get day 19 video uploaded. It has a word in it, but youtube isn't behaving!

We left Nine Mile Falls, WA pretty early in the morning to drive to Livingston, Montana. :)

It rained a lot of the time.

Of course to get to Montana from Washington we had to drive through Idaho :)

Lots of pretty scenery on the way through Idaho.

We weren't in ID very long before entering Montana.

When we arrived in Livingston, we spoke to a small but attentive group at a library. We spoke about how we became authors and that sort of thing. :)

We spent only one night in MT before heading on to Colorado on the 5th.

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