Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour Day 4 - 9-8-12

Tour Day 4 was a pretty easy day for us, and we were thankful for that because we didn't get in to our lodging until about 1 in the morning!

We stayed with my dad's friend from high school and his wife.   They're very nice and we've obviously known them for a long time.

They had this pretty fountain and garden out front that I thought picture worthy.

We just sort of chilled for a while at their house before going to the Baker Book House in Grand Rapids.  They had a very nice set up for us.

Don't mind my dad - he's just texting.  Don't worry, no customers were there at that point.

The store had these cool figurines made in Kenya. There was this lion and an elephant, ostrich, and Giraffe. They were made out of soda cans and telephone wire.

A fan who came out to see us. It was good to meet you, Jessi.

After we finished at our book signing we raced to the post office, packed up all our books and shipped them out to Washington state. We were going into Canada the next day and we can't take our books across the border without paying import taxes - so we shipped our books ahead of us to our next US destination - to a friend's house.  There they will stay until we arrive.

We barely made it to the post office in time, too. The post office closed at 3 and we arrived at 2:30 with about 12 boxes to ship. The postal workers weren't pleased, but they did their job quickly and efficiently, and the last box was paid for and labeled at 3:01!

Then we went back to our friend's house and hung out with them for a while.  A good day.

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  1. That reminds me of when my family went to Quizno's half an hour before closing. The workers weren't happy there either! :P
    By the way, the display of books looks great.