Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tour Day 18 9-22-12

Today we awoke a little later than usual (I woke up past seven and don't know when everyone else did, but I know it was later than we have been) and scavenged through the hotel breakfast. It was actually pretty nice. I liked their oatmeal and hot chocolate.

After rearranging the car we soon got underway with a few delays like stopping at Wal-Mart for groceries, then the post office to mail stuff. We drove about 10 hours from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, across the upper peninsula, the top of Wisconsin, and into Minnesota.

We stopped at an Old Country Buffet for dinner (yummeh) and finished two more hours of driving to International Falls, Minnesota. In Michigan we stopped to look at Lake Superior. Having an affinity for wandering off and climbing random rocks near the shore, I got soaked with some seriously cold water.

 It wasn't funny. Actually, it was hilarious. Both my shirts got wet, the front of my jeans were wet, my shoes were too, but my socks were dry. Yippee! It was a bit awkward to change completely in the car, but I managed.

Now we've made it to our hotel and we're all tired again. Here are some pictures.

 This cute little guy came up to our car while we snapped a few pictures of Lake Soopy.

 So for some reason we fed them

And gulls come in droves when feeding is available. It was kind of scary. :P

 Lake Soopy's white caps

 Lady being cutesy and Dad.

 Me, Mom, and Dad. Yes, their feet got wet. I tried to warn them, but all I could think to say was, "Your feet! Your feet!" Soo...I failed.

It twas cold and windy. VERY windy.

 Amanda and Mom being spontaneously cute

Me being a bit stupid. Yes, this is where I got soaked, because I just *had* to get closer to the water. I was wet and cold. v.v


  1. You all look so peaceful. And you guys seem to be having a lot of fun!