Friday, September 28, 2012

Tour Day 23 9-27-12

Today we got up pretty early, 5:45ish am, and struck out for the mountains in Banff. We hiked to one side of Lake Louise and back. Switch-backing got us higher up the trail in the car until we got to Lake Moraine and hiked the bear trail!

Here we were joined by a young Frenchman. The sign by the trail stated that you must be in a group of four people or more by law, with risk of appearance in court and a maximum fine of $5000 if caught violating. Because of this, Antoine hiked along with us, which was very nice.

We learned quite a bit about France and their pronunciation (some were very funny) of things. He kindly took some pictures for us and we took a few on his camera for him.

 BUNNIES! We saw quite a few domestic looking bunnies, no cottontails, although the two brown ones look like a crossbreed.

 Mom at the Lake Louise sign.

 On the path to Lake Louise.

 Here we are!

 We hiked to the end of the lake and I found this awesome rock path up more than 100 feet and climbed it. People followed. ^-^

My editing hasn't been cooperating lately, but that's Amanda and me climbing rocks.

 Amanda, Mom, and me. We were at the summit of the rock trail, but of course, I had to climb higher.

Amanda, Dad, and me.

 Me sitting on a rock protrusion.

CHIPMUNK! It must be Alvin; no glasses and it's little.

 I climbed down a pathless rock pile to the beach and skipped rocks until the others followed me down.

 Amanda skipping rocks.

 Mom at Lake Moraine.

 Antoine took this one for us on the bear trail.

Once we got to Lake Consolation it had a terribly rocky shore, probably due to a rock slide, but it was awesome.

 Mom and Amanda rock walking

 Antoine took a picture at Lake Consolation for us. :)

 Challenging place to get to. Antoine and I made it. Dad got wet trying.

 A picture of me on the rock.

 Getting back to the group by stepping onto slippery rocks underneath icy water

 I spotted three Common Poorwills on the trail back and we grabbed a few pictures.

 There was a river on the trail, from Lake Consolation.

 And since there was a tree over the river, I had to sit on it.

 Mom and Dad

 Lady being cutesy at the bear sign

 Dad, Antoine, and Amanda back at the car. We gave him a Masters and Slayers and a Precisely Terminated.

British Columbia sign.

So that was today. Well....Yesterday now. Hope you all like the pictures!


  1. That's a TON of pictures! They're really awesome, with breath-taking scenery and really fun people! Yes, you should do something with the editor. Maybe smacking the computer will help. Or I hear bashing it on your head knocks some sense into it. :p Have a great day! :D
    -Josiah (formerly known as Anonymous One, but didn't like the name anymore; plus, my idea was stolen)

    1. Thanks, Josiah! :P I don't think that would work, though.

  2. Haha! I laughed so hard when you said your dad got wet trying. These are some great pictures and I do think you like climbing things... a LOT! Those lakes can be c-c-cold! I once had to swim in one and it was freezing! Hope you guys had fun. I did just reading about it :)

    1. Yeah? >.< Yess, I do. I take after my second eldest brother, Josiah. ^-^ Yes, it was frigid. :)We did!

  3. Awesome pictures! I don't think it's possible to pick a favorite... :) B.C. is such a beautiful place, isn't it? I've only been there once, but it was very memorable.
    Oh, by the way, I couldn't spot the chipmunk. Where is he??

    1. Anonymous, he's in the very center of the rock. If you click on the picture it should get bigger and it's easier to see :)

    2. Oh, now I see him. Thanks! :)