Friday, September 21, 2012

Tour Day 16 ( 9-20) and 17 (21-12)

Day 16

Today we went to four different schools to sell books, then drove to Barrie, Ontario, where we participated in a book fair. I hung out on the play ground for most of it.

 The results of me hanging around on a play ground...Upside - down.

Right side up version.

 I was hanging by my legs from this thing.

Having fun balancing and taking pictures.

Day 17

Today we went back to Timothy Christian School, where Dad and Amanda did their talks and sat in the library to sell books until 2 pm.

 I did more school and Mom did inventory once again. Before Dad's second talk I went into the room where he had done his first speech and fiddled around on the piano. Unfortunately the second class started coming in before I was on the fourth page of six of the piece I had memorized. So I improvised, cutting off one and a half pages and playing the fifth and sixth. They clapped for me. Huzzah.

 Afterward we drove down the road to a bookstore where we left our inventory to be shipped back to where they came from. An eight hour drive put us at our next hotel in the Yoopy (<< How I say UP) of Michigan at 10:34 pm. We're all stomped now. *in the process of falling asleep*

 The drawer pulls at our hotel this morning

 First class (I didn't get a picture of the second)

 A kid who had Dad sign his Gators hat. (He likes the Gators because of Tim Tebow)

One of the boys holding the sword with Dad.

 I was excited to see these books in the store we stopped at. Wayne Batson and Scott Appleton

 Scott Appleton

 Jenny Cote

Christopher and Allan Miller


  1. Once again, cool pictures. At first I thought the upside-down picture showed snow! :p (That was a big whoops on my part.) You seem to like some really good authors. Of course, you are the daughter of a really good author, so it makes perfect sense.

    ~Anonymous One, over and out...

  2. I recognize a lot of those books! (And I've been waiting and waiting for my local library to have Scott Appleton's books... they look really good!)
    Nice drawer pull, by the way. Never seen such in a hotel before.

    1. Yeah, I forgot to mention in the post, all of the authors are friends of mine and Dad's.