Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tour Day 2 - 9-6-12

I'm a bit behind and inexperience with this sort of thing, but I've got a whole month for experience building.

This morning we left our hotel at 8:30 am for our first and only event of the day. Dad and Amanda spoke at to a homeschooling group for about two hours. Afterwards we drove to Cincinnati. 

 Dad talking about rejection notices

 Amanda talking about her books

We had a pretty good crowd. The young man at the left was a sign language interpreter, which I found fascinating to watch. (That's not why I look so zoned out, though)

As always, the boys love the sword.

Miles Drive Day 2 - 140


  1. Does your dad bring a sword to all the events?

    1. We bring them with us in our car to every event but we don't bring them in to every event.