Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let the Packing Begin!

Packing books, that is.

(This is Amanda, by the way. :) )

Today my mother and I started the arduous journey of packaging books to bring on the tour.

It's difficult to bring in one box per book title, considering my dad has 18 some titles, so we pack assortment boxes. This means unpacking all the boxes full of just one title, mixing them all together into an assortment that makes sense (FYI, 10 of one book and 1/2 of another is not an assortment that makes sense), and then packaging them up again.

During this process we also have to keep count of which books are in which boxes and how many we have of each. This is both for our sanity and tax purposes.

Today we packaged assortments of Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Dragons of Starlight, Echoes from the Edge, and boxes with Spit and Polish, Image of a Father, I know Why the Angels Dance, and Masters and Slayers. I think that's all of them . . .

Later we will have to label and count boxes of Precisely Terminated (once it arrives!) and Song of the Ovulum.

It took us about . . . well, I don't have much of an idea other than a 'really, really, really' long time.

In the end, we had 43 boxes of books sorted, labeled, and inventoried. We will be adding 6 boxes of Song of the Ovulum and 20 boxes of Precisely Terminated to this count.

Think we have enough books?

(Only half of the 43 picture, the rest are in another place. :) )


  1. How are you going to take them all with you?! And great work!

  2. Yes, we are taking them all with us ... if we can fit them in the van.

  3. Yall are going to have to pack extremely tight.

  4. Whoo, that's an impressive stack of boxes. And a very impressive lineup of books. =D

  5. Do you have a fifteen passenger van? That's about the only way I can see you (maybe) fitting them all in!

  6. Wow! Good luck with that! :) I can imagine me doing it in maybe a bus...

  7. Your van is definitely going to be "really, really" packed. :D