Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On The Road to Texas

Today is the first day of the Davis Crossing Tour!

Of course all we’re doing today is traveling, but one must do that to get to events. J Unfortunately, our teleporter is currently out of commission. My hippopotamus sat on it. You can see his picture later in this post.

I washed the van this morning so we could put the nifty tour magnets on the side. Then I had to get cleaned up just 15 minutes before we pulled out of the driveway. Hence why my hair is wet in these pictures.

All packed up and ready to go. Like our snazzy shirts?

We didn’t leave until around 11AM this morning because it’s only eight hours to Dallas, our destination, and we haven’t any events until tomorrow at 9AM.

The morning hours were spent with last minute preparations. We had to unpack the van and pack the trailer because it was deemed that the van could not hold all the weight, though everything did fit inside! So we’re bringing the trailer with us on all our stops in the USA. We’ll have to leave it in Seattle when we go to Canada—too much of a hassle to bring across the border.

I'm holding Sam, my hippopotamus,
and my dad is holding Vinnie, the official tour rat.

We passed through Mississippi first, but I failed to get a picture of the welcome sign, sorry. I did, however, get a picture of the Tennessee welcome sign when we reentered TN on our way to Memphis. That’s the way the route goes.

As I am writing this blog post, we are driving through Arkansas. We saw a crop duster plane a few minutes ago, which was interesting. It’s cool to see them swoop over the fields and turn around for another pass.

Today’s state count will be four once we reach Texas. Four if you count Tennessee, that is. Some people might not, seeing as it’s where we started, but I do. It is a state after all.

I hope to see a lot of people at our events tomorrow!


  1. Great first update! I can't wait to see you both way out here in Oregon. :)

    A rat and a hippopotamus...interesting mascots? Both no doubt have some backstory I'm ignorant of.

    Will be praying for your upcoming travels, tonight.

  2. Love the mascots! Safe travels! Just wish you were coming to Knoxville, Tn! Reading Diviner now and I can't put it down...its awesome!

  3. Yay! The Davis's are in my home state of Texas! You're both in my prayers, and I'm really excited to meet you when you're in my area!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the t-shirts. ;)

    I once drove 750 miles in one day. I remember about the 550 mark I was wishing we could teleport the rest of the way. Haha. Glad you're safe in Texas and I'll be praying for y'all.

  5. Hehe. . . I bet you took those pics of the welcome signs so your fans can blow kisses at them at their convenience and remembrance. =D

    Have a great rest of the tour, and here's to your coming to Medford on the 24th! =D