Friday, September 23, 2011

Vinnie's Find - Drawing for the Audio Book (Take 2)

Vinnie found another scrambled name for you guys to figure out!

It says


It's the name of a character from one of my dad's books or from mine. You'll have to figure that part out. :)

If you figure it out, email me your answer, don't post it here, that would spoil the fun for everyone else, and you won't be entered into the drawing.

Everyone who sends me the correctly descrambled name will be entered in a drawing for a copy of one of the Dragons in our Midst (DIOM) or Oracles of Fire (OOF) books on MP3 disk. It's your choice of which you would like if you win (Circles of Seven is not included in this list because we don't have any more of them. :) ).

Please only send me your answers within 48 hours of this posting. I will not accept anymore emails with the answer that are postmarked after 9/25/11 - 8:30AM Pacific Standard Time.

Send your answers to amanda(at)daviscrossing(dot)com (replace the (at) with an @ symbol and the (dot) with a period).

Have fun!


  1. Wish I could, but I unscrambled it online cause I was so curious!

    Oh well. Good luck everybody!

  2. So what was the name?