Friday, September 30, 2011

Tour Day Fifteen - 9/27/11 - Welcome to Washington?

On day fifteen we had a few school talks in Oregon before driving to Vancouver, Washington.

We had three or four talks at the Albany Christian School in Albany, Oregon. Definitely our most enthusiastic group yet. :)

Thank you Carol for hosting us!

Vinnie guarding the projector

Nearing the Washington border

So we saw this sign ....

And we were looking for a 'Welcome to Washington' sign, but there wasn't one! How disappointing!

After Albany we did a writing seminar with a homeschool group.

And went out for ice cream.
This is a picture of Matthew, the guy who set up the event for us and bought us ice cream. He has this hat that he likes to get pictures of with authors wearing it. Apparently Ted Dekker has worn it as well. But I bet I look cuter in it. ;)


  1. Oh fudge. :P Your dad was right, I look really dorky in this picture. Haha. Great memories, though.

    You're infinitely cuter than Ted Dekker with or without any hat, and you look great in it. Apart from my awkward and bulky intrusion, this is one of the best pictures of The Hat on...anybody. Some people can't pull off the look.

    The list of published authors who have worn it is now eight people including you, your father, and me of course. Sadly, though, my hat is still more famous than I am. We've been competing and things are getting heated. :P

  2. And Washington is lame for not having a welcome sign. I guess we're generally unwelcoming and distrustful people over here, compared to the south. One reason I want to live in Tennessee or Alabama or somewhere down there in the land of awesome sweet tea and country music...

  3. Oh, neat picture! Matt, you do look incredibly dorky in that picture, especially without your hat.

    I don't know if you remember me, Amanda, but you and Mr. Davis came to speak in North Carolina a while back. My mother Bethany arranged it and I believe you had dinner at our house.

    This is all rather ironic, since I know Matt in real life as well. Very interesting!

  4. There was a sign, it was simply laying nearly facedown. It is a plant mosaic, so that would explain it :P