Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tour Day Nine - Napa, CA - 9-21-11

Yesterday we were in Napa, California. A really pretty place full of grapes. ^^

When we were almost to our destination we noticed on our GPS our elevation and found it amusing.

And then the next change was even cooler. While in Flagstaff, AZ our elevation was 7,000 something, so this is a big change.

We spoke at one school that day. Two talks total for me, three for my dad. Our audience was attentive and seemed like to hear us speak.

We set up a book table outside where the parents picked up the kids, and sales were great! Thanks so much everyone who was there!

This is us with Menolly, the girl who invited us to come to her school and helped set up everything. It was great to see you Menolly. :)

We got some video, too, but I haven't edited and spliced it yet, so you'll have to wait a bit for that. :)

Total Mileage for the day: 32.1

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