Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tour Day Two - Dallas, TX Area

For those of you wondering, we drove a total of 543.7 miles yesterday. :)

We'll be keeping track of our day to day mileage and the trip total as well.

Today we traveled around the Dallas, Texas area. First we visited a home school group, then a Christian school, and then a youth group.

It'll take me a moment to collect my thoughts. It's 11 PM, and I've been up since 6ish, so I am rather tired. This hotel room is also uncommonly cold. But I shall survive. :)

Our first stop was in Watauga, Texas for a writing seminar with a homeschool group.
My dad did most of the talking at this one, but I did a short little speech in there, too.

After the co-op group we rushed off to Prince of Peace Christian Academy in Carrollton, Texas.
This school was very receptive, we spoke to the 3 - 8th graders, I believe.

One family drove out to see us from Oklahoma! Three hours away!
We were impressed.

After Prince of Peace we stopped for dinner before trekking to a friend's house and hanging out with them for a bit. Funny enough, I forgot to take a picture of them, but I did get a picture of their cat, Lily!

A short break at their house refreshed us, and we were soon off to a youth group talk in Justin, Texas. Which apparently sells a ton of cowboy boots. I don't know much about that. I don't think I've ever even worn a pair of cowboy boots

This last group was great and listened attentively and seemed to really get something out of our message. I hope they did, anyway. :)

It took us awhile to get back to the hotel because our GPS decided to suddenly freeze and not tell us anything for a few minutes. We had to reboot it before it would do anything. No idea why it did that, but now it's fine again, we're safely back at the hotel and I am going to bed.

We do have a video coming up, but it's too late to be doing that tonight. It has our 'word of the day' in it, too. Read more about that in the contest rules. :) I hope to post the video tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you two have been busy! :O Hope you've sold a lot of books. :) Also, I can't wait to welcome ya'll to our co-op tomorrow! :D I've been busy prepping my classmates for your arrival by letting them borrow all of Mr. Davis' books that I own. ;) I'm looking forward to hearing ya'll speak AND getting to buy ya'lls new books!