Monday, September 5, 2011

One Week Until Departure

Hello everyone, Amanda here. :)

It's just one week until we leave for our first stop in Texas. We'll be driving to Texas on September 13th to arrive in time for our events on the 14th.

We'll be going to THREE schools on that date.

Center For Home Education Watauga, TX
Prince of Peace Christian School Carrollton TX
Sage Meadow Christian Fellowship Justin, TX

It'll be really fun but kind of crazy to drive from each to the other and maintain the scheduled times.

Check out the map for more details.

We hope to post pictures and/or videos during our packing process. Which will be /oh/ so exciting. Maybe. ;) There's only so many pictures of socks one can post before the viewers get bored. Though I must say, I have some pretty cool socks.

I really look forward to seeing people at our events. :)


  1. So you're not stopping in Minnesota?

  2. We have no plans for tour stops in Minnesota. I hope we can go back there sometime in 2012.