Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tour Day Seven - Driving to LA

DAy seven was a few days ago, I know, but I've been so busy! You'll just have to excuse it. :)

Our first stop was new tires for the van because they were all messed up for some reason (see previous post). That took a very long time, and we didn't get to leave Albuquerque until around 10.

But I sold a Precisely Terminated to the guy who changed out tires!

Some pretty scenery

My cool socks. ;)

More scenery.
We had a 12 hour drive, so I had a lot of opportunities to take pictures.

A raven we saw at the Arizona rest stop

We drove all the way through Arizona with only one stop at the border.

On the way we saw about 7 of these trucks transporting these long white objects

We spent awhile guessing what they were.

We have an idea of what we think it is now,
but we want to know what YOU think it is. Or think it could be. :)

Finally in CA.

The drive to LA took much longer than anticipated because the speed limit for cars with trailers is 55 mph and everyone else gets to go 70mph, and when scheduling our time for travel, we thought we'd be going 70, too, not knowing about their trailer law.


  1. They look kind of like the blades on a wind-farm windmill.

    Very fun socks. =D

  2. That is exactly what I was going to say; we have two on campus.

  3. another thing you see often on our highways, planes and plane parts. headed to EAB (Edwards Airforce Base)

  4. Exactly, blades for power generating windmills. They have them lining the gorge on the way from Oregon To Washington :)

  5. We have lots of those around here too. They drive through around here a lot.

  6. We also think they are turbine blades. :-)

  7. Yeah they are blades for a wind turbine which everyone else is saying ;) NIce socks, too!